Trailer: action role-playing classic Fable is back

During the Xbox Games Showcase, fans were treated to a trailer for a remake of the game Fable, which you can watch in the video linked above. 

As the technology that powers video games becomes more complex, several developers have decided to go back and either remaster or remake classic games. 

A few months ago, Capcom released a remake of the celebrated Resident Evil 4, which several gaming and entertainment publications have cited as a masterpiece of modern games. Prior to that, Motive Studios created a remake of the pioneering horror title Dead Space that also received rave reviews. 

Even though remakes seem to be all the rage in video games, reboots have become equally in vouge as of late. One need look no further than Santa Monica Studios and the God of War franchise to see how lucrative a remake of a beloved title from yesteryear can be. Hopefully, the Fable reboot featured in the trailer linked above can live up to the legacy of the original series.