Hammerhead sharks and swimmers and bears, oh my! The Gulf Coast was chock full of creatures this weekend.

A black bear wasn't the only thing swimming in the Gulf of Mexico this weekend—it was a busy weekend for all sorts of creatures, including hammerhead sharks! WEAR ABC 3 News tweeted footage that captured the sharks from several different angles, including this drone footage originally taken by Taylor Graham:

Here's some drone footage from the same hammerhead shark encounter at Robinson Island in Orange Beach, Alabama that happened yesterday. Earlier today we shared footage from a viewer on a boat — now we have the bird's-eye view! Thank you Taylor Graham for sending this in!

Here's another angle:

A bunch of boaters out at Robinson Island in Orange Beach, Alabama had a very close encounter with some hammerhead sharks yesterday! Thank you, Meredith Perry for capturing and sharing this amazing video.

And if you can't get enough footage of that cute bear happily chilling in the Gulf Coast, here's more. Check out this video compilation, featuring footage taken by Jennifer Smith, Jan Graham, and Steffani Saddler. It shows the bear swimming in the Gulf, climbing out of the water, and then running down the beach. And for even more footage, My Panhandle News posted Frank Merrell's video here.

Al.com explains that bears in the Gulf of Mexico aren't that rare:

When you go to the beach, you expect to see dolphins, seagulls and a variety of sea life. But black bears on the beach? Or swimming in the surf? That might surprise you.

"It's not uncommon," said Captain Chris Kirby, a charter boat captain for Charter Boat Backlash, which operates out of Destin. "There are a lot of bears at Eglin Air Force Base. They swim across the bay. Sometimes they go for a joy swim."