NASCAR has its own Pride merchandise: 'YAAASCAR'

Known for its thunderous races and die-hard fans, NASCAR is an unexpected ally of the LGBTQ+ community. Surprisingly, they have been supporting the LGBTQ+ community dating back to at least 2020. The stock-car racing organization even has Pride merch that include images of rainbowed checkered flags and race cars.

Perhaps the most striking piece in this collection are the tees emblazoned with the word "YAAASCAR." The design is more than just a clever play on NASCAR's name, it's a direct nod to "YAAAS," a word that has roots in queer culture.

Most recently, on the first day of 2023 Pride month, NASCAR tweeted in support, "We celebrate the LGBTQ+ community during #PrideMonth and beyond."

The Daytona Beach News-Journal:

Fans flocked to Twitter on Thursday night and into Friday morning, with many going as far as threats of boycotting the sport while others expressed gratitude for NASCAR's stance. It's not the first time this year the organization has faced scrutiny from fans crying, "woke" after the organization announced a more environmentally aware plan in April with a goal of net zero emissions by the year 2035.

However, NASCAR's support of the LGBTQ+ community is not a new initiative. Last year, the organization took several measures to further encourage inclusion in the sport, flying the rainbow flag during June and introducing a line of Pride-themed merchandise. Those efforts also included a tweet in June of 2022 very similar to the one that landed Thursday and driver Alex Bowman sported a special Pride paint scheme.