Souvenir "Area 51" license plates causes problems for owner of official "Area 51" vanity plate

A fellow named Chris is the proud owner of a Nevada vanity license plate emblazoned with "Area 51," a reference to the top secret military facility in the state where they keep the recovered UFOs (I mean, experimental aircraft). Chris has a problem though, and it's not alien abduction. Apparently, novelty "Area 51" license plates are a hot souvenir for tourists. And some of those tourists actually put them on their cars, meaning that when they get traffic or parking citations, the tickets end up in Chris's mailbox.

From The Drive:

Tickets have erroneously arrived in the mail for Chris over the last seven years, according to a series of TikTok videos released under his account called Area51Plate. In one video, Chris shows 172 different tickets arranged on the floor, all of which contain a photo of his license plate—or, what would be his plate if it were legit.

For those keeping track, that means an average of one ticket every other week for the last seven years.

Chris says that the majority of the tickets stem from drivers simply driving through toll booths without paying[…]

He then has to dispute the ticket, which Chris says he has been successful doing each time that he has received one in the mail.


A warning from the owner of the real Nevada AREA 51 license plate. #area51 #licenseplate #uap #ufo #uaptiktok

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