Firefighters demo "safe" turkey fryer — which hilariously bursts into flames (video)

Although most people roast a turkey for Thanksgiving, the more adventurous might want to hit the fryer. But don't let it burst into flames, as this poor turkey carcass did! (See video below, posted by Sparks Fire Dept.)

To avoid a Thanksgiving mishap — or worse — make sure you know how to use your fryer, says Nevada's Sparks Fire Department, including how much oil to use and setting the correct temperature. Also, make sure your fryer is away from anything that can catch fire, "raise and lower the bird slowly, and never leave fryer unattended!"

Weirdly, the firefighter in the video below looks like he's doing all the right things mentioned above, and still it's a complete disaster. I guess they don't call it Sparks for nothing. Anyway, happy Thanksgiving and be safe! (In other words, just roast the damn thing).