What if Geico's gecko was a bi leather daddy?

Geico or Gayco? Digital creator Luke Strickler made a joke ad, as if the insurance company Geico was sponsoring a Pride event. The parody titled "Geico Pride sponsorship went hard this year" depicts the Geico gecko as a bisexual leather daddy.

The video starts with Strickler at an undisclosed outdoor Pride event, saying, "Let me tell you, some of the corporate sponsorship is a little weird." It then pans to a screen of an ad with the Geico gecko, wearing typical leather daddy attire such as a leather cap, a collar, sporting a mustache and a tattoo.

The gecko character then says that while most people know him as the mascot who sells insurance, he is also bisexual. In a joking twist, he announces that for Pride month, Geico is supposedly letting the queer community have as many car accidents as they want without charge, "Run those red lights, queens!"

Admittedly, I thought the ad was real until those free car accidents were offered.

Thanks, Don!