Pentagon whistleblower claims Vatican has knowledge of a "non-human intelligence"

US intelligence officer David Charles Grusch recently made headlines as a whistleblower after making public claims that the Pentagon has been hiding known evidence of non-human technology. Grusch expanded on these claims in a recent interview with NewsNation, in which he suggested — among other things — that the Vatican may also be in on this whole conspiracy regarding intelligent technology from non-sources. In fact, the Pope's involvement even pre-dates the Roswell incident! According to Grusch:

It's long been known that the regime of Italian dictator Benito Mussolini documented numerous UAP. An internal memo from the Italian Secret Services includes crude drawings of the UAPs.

In 1933 was the first recovery in Europe and in Magenta, Italy. They recovered a partially intact vehicle.

Grusch went on to explain that the Italian government shared this information with the Pope, who passed it on to US intelligence services, who then retrieved the object from an Italian airbase circa 1945.

This is not the first time that the Vatican has been accused of harboring secret knowledge with non-human origins. For roughly 2000 years, the small sovereign nation that exists within the city of Rome has spread rumors of human resurrection technologies, as well as a rare chemical capable of converting water directly into wine without the temporal requirements of a fermentation process. The Holy See has historically used their threats of this secret knowledge to colonize large parts of the world. And indeed, the Vatican has demonstrated a great capacity for secrecy and cover-ups, having protected countless legions of sexual abusers for centuries.

We are not alone: The UFO whistleblower speaks [Andy Gipson, Miguel Sancho, Zoë Lake, Dana Leavitt, Ross Coulthart / NewsNation]

Pentagon whistleblower says the Vatican is aware of the existence of non-human intelligences and helped the US retrieve a downed UFO from Italian dictator Mussolini at the end of WW2 [Kamal Sultan / Daily Mail]