The Chairy Orchard, a funky art park in Denton, Texas, is closing after eight years

You only have a few more days to experience the Chairy Orchard—a public art installation that doubles as park and hangout space in Denton, Texas—before it closes permanently on June 18. 

Local Profile, Texas describes the free, eclectic, artistic, DIY outdoor space and also provides photos, so you can see what it looked like in its glory days:

The Chairy Orchard isn't like any orchard we've ever been to! This orchard isn't filled with fruit trees, but chairs — but don't try to pick them!

The orchard was created by two women known as Judy and Ann, who are now dubbed, "The Chairy Fairies." The orchard shows off their huge collection of chairs of all types, sizes and shapes. 

(Be sure not to miss The Locks of Love Chairish Wall, where couples can secure locks as declaration of their love.)

The Chairy Orchard announced the closing on its Facebook page:

Well folks, all good things must come to an end, and we are sad to announce that we will be closing the Chairy Orchard on Sunday, June 18th. 

Our instances of vandalism have continued to increase with stolen items, smashed chairs and broken windows in our free libraries, probably caused by late-night visitors after the park is closed.

The Chairy Orchard was started by two neighbors who are now in their 80s, and they always said they would close it when it was no longer fun to maintain. 

Beginning now, please come get a favorite chair to remember your special times at this place. 

Please only take a chair and not any other exhibits- we are looking for unique places around Denton for some of our more iconic pieces. 

We'll keep the Chairy Orchard Facebook page active for the time being for people to post photos and memories of their time at the CO. Also, we do have our Venmo account open if you choose to donate. We will need to pay a service for debris removal after the 18th. 

Thanks for your support for the last 8 years. We've loved sharing this special place with people from all over the world.

They also provided a great update: Denton Parks and Rec will be taking some of the biggest and most famous items—the big Papa Bear chair, the Locks of Love Chairish Wall, and more—from  the Orchard and placing them in parks around the city of Denton.

I'm glad that the spirit (and some of the material substance) of the Chairy Orchard will live on!