Genndy Tartakovsky's R-rated animated comedy has its cast

According to Variety, Genndy Tartakovsky's R-rated comedy film Fixed has announced its cast.

Genndy Tartakovsky, behind "Hotel Transylvania" and "Star Wars: Clone Wars," has revealed the voice cast – led by Adam DevineIdris Elba, Kathryn Hahn – and a first-look image for his upcoming R-rated animation, "Fixed." 

The film, which will be completed in September, is an adult comedy about Bull: an average dog who discovers he's going to be neutered in the morning. As the gravity of this life-altering event sets in, Bull realizes he needs one last adventure with his pack of best friends as these are the last 24 hours with his balls.

With his new adult animated movie Fixed, Tartakovsky has a chance to create a film that can eclipse the tragic tale of his Popeye film. And if the cast for Fixed is any indication of its quality, the movie could easily become the biggest success story in Tartakovsky's already legendary career. 

However, in the world of feature film animation, Tartakovsky is still etching his legend into the pantheon. Although he helped create the massively popular Hotel Transylvania franchise, in the eyes of die-hard cartoon fans, Tartakovsky's film career has unfortunately been defined by his highly anticipated but aborted Popeye film. Since Tartakovsky studied under the feet of Gordon Sheehan, an animator for Fleischer Studios, the cancellation of the Popeye film became a sore spot for animation fans worldwide. 

Genndy Tartakovsky could call it a career, and almost everyone in the field of animation would classify his tenure as hall-of-fame worthy. Being the architect behind Dexter's Laboratory and Samurai Jack alone would be more than enough for most creators to hang their hat on, but even Tartakovsky's underappreciated shows, like Sym-Bionic Titan, are better than most cartoons on their best day.