GTA Online removes almost 200 Cars

If there's one thing Grand Theft Auto is known for, it's the cars. It's right in the name, after all! In a recent update, however, developer Rockstar Games has made an unprecedented move: removing almost two hundred cars from in-game stores in Grand Theft Auto Online.

While the reported reason is "streamlining", Rockstar has been quick to put a couple of the removed cars in a store only accessible to those who pay a real-money premium subscription, pointing to this move actually coming from a desire to impose artificial scarcity and dripfeed this content – some of which has been in the game since its launch almost a decade ago – back to players at a premium.

It's a scummy move in what is already regarded as a disappointing update, but given how much money GTA Online continues to pull in, it's likely Rockstar won't even feel that sentiment.