Chill out with Capybara Spa, the coziest of cozy games

Watching capybaras soak in a hot tub, perhaps with some yuzu, is one of the most relaxing things ever. But you know what is even better? Running a spa for capybaras! In Capybara Spa, you build tubs and place capybaras in them. Later, you build fancier tubs and add decorations while providing your capybaras with snacks and towels. Over time, you unlock some bathtime buddies for your capybaras, including baby capybaras and ducks. They are all adorable. I mean, look at them.

In most ways, Capybara Spa is the same as all sims – craft, upgrade, do a thing, repeat, but it is superior in two important respects. First, it has capybaras, obviously, and second, the capybaras never get upset about anything. In most sims, no matter how cozy, there are negative effects if you don't do something fast enough, like build, feed, or clean.

This is totally fine for any other game, but this game is about the chillest animal on the planet, so nothing stresses them out. If they want a strawberry, and you don't have one at the moment, no problem. They'll wait. They seem a bit confused when you pick them up but are immediately happy when you put them in a tub. You can't make them unhappy, only happier. It's the perfect antidote for, well, *gestures at everything*.

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