No ducks hunted as Nintendo light gun used in robbery

David Joseph Dalesandro, 25, was arrested and charged with armed robbery after allegedly using a Nintendo Entertainment System's light gun to knock off a convenience store in South Carolina.

Police allege the suspect waved the fake gun at a clerk and demanded money from the cash register. Authorities found him down the street in a Dollar General parking lot with the fake pistol in his pants. The original 1984 accessory is famously bright orange and gray, but authorities say the suspect spray-painted his black, likely so it would resemble a functional firearm. The York County Sheriff's Department released an image of the doctored gaming accessory on its Twitter account.

The suspect got away with $300, but was tracked down to a nearby parking lot. The Nintendo light gun was found "in his pants," according to police.

There's a fine history of 8-bit game console light gun-involved crimes, though they are a rare treat. Here's a hostage-taker weilding a Sega light gun.