Save half off these super long-lasting Ninja Dragon Wireless Buds

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TL:DR: Enjoy up to 180 of listening time with these Ninja Dragon BTMAX Bluetooth 5.1 Wireless Earbuds, now just $39.99 down from $79.

A lot can go wrong in a day. Your car can run out of gas, you can trip over something in front of a crowd of people, or get pesky late fees for not paying a bill on time. But nothing's quite as frustrating as realizing your wireless earbuds are fresh out of power right before beginning a long commute or a workout. 

If you're tired of constantly having to remember to charge your wireless sound accessories, you're not alone. Put an end to this all-too-common problem with these one-of-a-kind Ninja Dragon wireless earbuds that are built to last for an incredibly long time thanks to their included 2,200mAh charging case that delivers up to 180 hours of listening time. 

In addition to providing a powerful charge for your earbuds, this incredible case allows you to truly go mobile, as it also can charge your phone, ideal for anyone spending long days out and about with no time to stay tethered to a power outlet. In fact, when fully charged, the case can power its accompanying earbuds up to 40 times. Additionally, the charging case boasts a three-level battery indicator so you know just how much juice you have left to work with at any given time. 

Sure, great battery life is important in pair of earbuds, but what's that without good sound quality? When it comes to great sound, the Ninja Dragon wireless earbuds never disappoint. Thanks to their upgraded sound chip, listeners can enjoy an incredible 9D sound experience with excellent clarity. The sound accessory also features Bluetooth 5.1 technology so you can connect to your devices with ease from just about anywhere.

While these earbuds are great for long workouts (largely thanks to their waterproof make), they're fantastic for use at the office. And given that more and more professionals find listening to music makes them more focused and productive, implementing a high-quality pair like these may help you out in more ways than one.

The Ninja Dragon BTMAX Bluetooth 5.1 Wireless Earbuds are discounted to just $39.99 down from $79.

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