Office furniture company: If you keep working from home you'll turn into a claw-handed hunchbacked cave dweller

According to the company Furniture at Work–which recently released "Anna," a model that supposedly reveals how working from home affects people–we're all eventually going to be hunchbacked with red eyes and hands that look like claws. DailyMailUK explains:

'Anna displays many physical effects because of consistent use of technology, screen exposure and poor posture, as well as highlighting potential mental health issues,' Furniture at Work said.

The team created Anna following research from the University of Leeds which found that a third of UK home-workers have no dedicated workspace at home.

'To visualise the effects of not having a proper place to work at home, Furniture At Work used scientific research and worked with healthcare experts to reveal what the remote worker of the future could look like,' Furniture At Work explained.

Working from bed has taken its toll on Anna, who has a hunched back with raised shoulders, while staring at a screen all day has given her red, swollen eyes.

Long hours with her hand curled around her mouse has caused her fingers to curl into a permanent claw.

She's also fallen victim to weight gain, a weak immune system thanks to insufficient fresh air, anxiety and depression.

Based on the findings, health experts are urging home-workers to take measures to stay healthy while working from home.

It's shocking that a company that sells office furniture would paint such a bleak picture of work-from-home, right? I mean, I know the work-from-home revolution is controversial—here's a quick overview that includes links to research about the pros (decreased commute, increased productivity and job satisfaction) and cons (urban ruination, office real estate "apocalypse")—but, surely, those of us who work from home aren't all slowly becoming claw-handed, hunchbacked cave dwellers. Are we?