Tesla executives are not subject to the same workplace attendance tracking as their employees

Famous for buying companies without due diligence, Elon "Pedo Guy" Musk's demands that employees return to the office as working from home was "phoning it in" do not apply to his direct reports. While lay employees are tracked via ID badge and sent automated emails threatening repercussions if they do not scan in on schedule, Musk's executives are not subject to the same terrorism.


In an email sent to Tesla executives, Musk told staff to return to the office or quit. He suggested that being in the office any less than 40 hours per week was equivalent to "phoning it in."

Workers who do not badge into offices as much as expected are issued an automated email, a Tesla worker previously said in a June post on the professional network app Blind.

However, not all Tesla workers' office attendance is measured equally. Musk's direct reports do not have badge data analyzed for the internal reports, according to CNBC.