The Forever Pininfarina Cambiano Inkless Pen is a chic way to upgrade your writing experience for only $64.99

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TL;DR: Pens can be fickle creatures, and there's nothing worse than running out of ink when you're in the middle of signing your life away. The Forever Pininfarina Cambiano Inkless Pen won't leave you high and dry, and even better, it's now on sale for only $64.99.

Are you tired of using the same old Bic pen or constantly paying for a new pack of pens each time you lose one? We've got you covered with an elegant writing device that's sure to be a major upgrade from your current pen and could save you from running out of ink.

The Forever Pininfarina Cambiano Inkless Pen was designed by the world-renowned Italian design company and luxury electric car brand Pininfarina, which has been producing projects since the 1930s. In collaboration with NAPKIN®, Pininfarina created a stylus that will never go out of fashion or leave you inkless. For a limited time, you can score this incredible pen for only $64.99 (reg. $129).

This innovative pen marries a bit of both historic and modern writing to give your penmanship a fun new twist. Whether you're penning a novel or inscribing a birthday card, this ink-free pen is the perfect addition to your creative space. 

Say goodbye to ink cartridges and pesky pen leaks. Not to mention, you'll never have desperate, angry scribbles on your page again. When your thoughts flow, the Pininfarina pen will seamlessly let the words hit the page. Let the thoughts go straight from your mind to the paper while staying in the present moment. 

One hundred percent made in Italy, the Forever Pininfarina Cambiano Inkless Pen comes in chic wood and has a matching stand, with the tip made in Ethegraph (patented metal alloy). It has no graphite or lead, allowing you to doodle or write elegantly. Dress up your home or office space with this fun little desk accessory

Not to mention, this inkless pen makes for a unique gift, especially for any writers or creatives in your life. One verified buyer raved, "Beautiful pen [and] sculptural form in aluminum and wood. Writes a fine, light pencil line on standard paper that becomes permanent over time."

Never buy a pack of pens again. 

Get the Forever Pininfarina Cambiano Inkless Pen now for just $64.99 (reg. $129).

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