You'll have to pay for Overwatch 2's promised singleplayer content

Overwatch 2 has been having a rough go of it – granted, most of this has been thanks to Blizzard's mismanagement. From the initial signup requiring a working phone number, which alienated a small but significant portion of the fanbase to the extremely questionable monetization to locking out most of the roster for new players to the PvE content that the game was initially marketed on being canceled entirely, it would be safe to say there have been a few missteps. In the latest to be added to the list, Blizzard has introduced single-player content in the form of short missions entirely devoid of the extra mechanics advertised to be in the game… for a $15 price tag, no less.

People are, understandably, a little miffed. This was something that was promised to be included in the game at no extra cost since before it had even come out – and was the justification Blizzard used to develop a sequel in the first place – only to be unceremoniously cancelled and now brought back in this gutted form for a premium. Outcry is evident from a quick scroll through Blizzard's social media – time will tell whether they walk this decision back too, but they've shown time and time again they don't really care about maintaining an image.