I loved me some "Gnip Gnop"

This weekend I had a bizarre dream about saving the world from terrible evil through a game of Gnip Gnop. Ted Cruz and Elon Musk were poised to start charging people to breathe the air, but Harlan Crow wouldn't fund the project if they couldn't supply him with "The Pinochet Cup," annually awarded to the world's Gnip Gnop champion. Crow and Cruz had hired Ricky Schroder to play for them, and it looked like things were over for lovers of free oxygen when my Mother told President Biden I was very good at Gnip Gnop as a kid.

I kicked his ass, and the Biden administration struck a deal where people born before 2001 could still breathe tax-free in most states. However, some red state AGs were suing.

These sorts of dreams are probably not even all that odd or out of character. I still keep a set of Rock'em, Sock'em Robots around to help settle differences.

Featured Image: YouTube