Save over $135 on a lifetime subscription Rosetta Stone just in time for your next trip abroad

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TL;DR: Master up to 25 different languages with a lifetime subscription to Rosetta Stone, now an extra 15% off through 6/20 with coupon code VACATION15.

Summer is officially upon us, and if you're getting ready to pack your bags for your next vacation, you may want to stop and think about what kind of intellectual baggage you'll be taking with you abroad. In other words, do you know how to get around town by asking essential questions, like "Where's the bathroom?"

Learning a new language is hard, especially when you don't have tons of time to dedicate to it. That's why people have been turning to Rosetta Stone for nearly 30 years to master foreign tongues and speak with confidence, even if they have no more than half an hour every day to commit to practicing. And if you've got a trip abroad in the not-so-distant future, this deal on a lifetime subscription to the program is definitely one you don't want to sleep on — especially considering it's an extra 15% off its regular price.

With 25 different languages to choose from, Rosetta Stone offers travelers a wide range of learning possibilities that include French, Spanish, Polish, Dutch, and Farsi, just to name a few. But what sets this learning program apart from any others out there is its intuitive training style that gives you the confidence to read, write, and speak in a new language in record time.

When learning a new language with Rosetta Stone, you can expect bite-size lessons that are easy to fit into your busy schedule, and they cover way more than simple words and phrases. In fact, after you cover the basics, you'll experience what it's like to work with the world's best speech recognition technology, known as TruAccent, which will help you sound like a fluent speaker in minimal time.

While people all over America use Rosetta Stone to master new languages, important organizations like Calvin Klein, TripAdvisor, and even NASA have trusted the program for 27 years due to its game-changing teaching methods.

Don't go on another vacation without using Rosetta Stone to help you speak a new language like a native!

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