Take a longer tour of Mr. Doodle's house

We've introduced you to wild world of Mr. Doodle before. This 2-minute stop-motion film of him doodling his entire house was fascinating, but it if left you wanting to see the house with more detail, here's a great 10-minute tour, hosted by Mr. Doodle. 

The tour starts outside, where Mr. Doodle, clad head to toe in an outfit featuring his black and white doodles, introduces himself and welcomes us into his "Doodle House." The entire exterior is covered in Mr. Doodles's black and white doodles, as is a statue and the base of a garden container where the statue sits. 

Mr. Doodle then leads us through the rest of the house, where every room has a different black-and-white doodle theme:

  • Hallway: Noah's Arcade Game – covered in animals of all kinds
  • Staircase: Heaven and Hell – featuring devils, monsters, and angels
  • Landing: Adam and Eve/Garden of Eden – featuring the trees, nature, creatures
  • Bedroom: "This is where the doodle virus began" – Sleep – featuring sleepy characters, sleepy eyes, happy dreams
  • Bathroom: Bath/Bathroom/Water – this is the largest room, featuring 2000 individual doodle tiles, depicting bathrooms, underwater themes, fish, aquatic creatures

Next there are three rooms that showcase a different style of doodling that plays more with white or negative space:

  • Cloud Room – covered in clouds, a place to relax and think
  • Computer Room – technology-themed; features tech images, robots, laptops, computers
  • Splash Room – covered in big cartoon 'splashes'

There's also a "Memories Room" featuring childhood memories, his parents, and his wife.

The tour continues downstairs where we get to see the kitchen (themed around food and its preparation) and the dining room ( featuring food and its consumption), before the final destination, the living room, where Mr. Doodle used extra thick lines for all of the doodles. There, even the couches and tables are doodled. Literally every single thing in the house is doodled. 

The house, undoubtedly, contains way too much visual noise for many people, but Mr. Doodle and his wife, Mrs. Doodle, seem happy there—Mr. Doodle says in the video, "I had the best time of my life creating this house." The Doodles also recently had a baby—on one of the maternity photos they posted, someone commented: 

Sir, excuse and pardon me, when your child is born, please…don't draw any doodle on his skin (whispering).

If you want to know more about Mr. Doodle (whose non-doodle name is Sam Cox), here's a great recent profile. You can also follow him on his Instagram where he's been posting a doodle every day since the beginning of 2023.