With Getflix, traveling won't stop you from streaming your favorite shows and movies

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TL;DR: Unlock your streaming platforms from geo-blocked when traveling with Getflix Smart DNS and VPN for $39.97 (reg. $162).

Streaming technology has completely revolutionized how customers consume television, movies, and music. Traditional cable options have given way to streaming, as the latter's lower prices and option to cancel at any time have allowed consumers unrivaled freedom.

Unfortunately, traveling can put a dent in one's streaming activity, as channels and specific apps are blocked in certain locales across the globe. This practice is called "geo-blocking," and according to Make Use Of, devices such as VPNs offer a way to bypass geo-blocking for users who find themselves in an impacted location. 

With Getflix, customers enjoy streaming their preferred content in many locations that use geo-blocking. Purchase a lifetime license to Getflix Smart DNS and VPN for $39.97 (reg. $39.97). You won't want to wait too long, as this limited-time deal ends on June 20.

Getflix unlocks access to more than 500 channels and platforms, including Netflix, Disney+, HBO, BBC, Hulu, and many more, despite your location on the map. Featured by PCMag, Digital Spy, Lifehacker, and other leading publications, this DNS-VPN combo offers superior protection and privacy without using tunnels or a complex VPN.

Getflix's network is SSL secured with 256-bit encryption. Its VPN is versatile and compatible with any Mac/PC or mobile device's operating system. While connection requests pass through Getflix's servers, your data will not be analyzed, inspected, or archived.  

"This product works exactly as described. It's easy to use and configure on a streaming stick, router, computer, and phone. Access to Vudu, Hulu, HBOMax, and Paramount+ is perfect," writes verified buyer Henry Joe. 

Whether you plan to use Getflix on your computer, smartphone, or gaming console, setting up the service is a breeze. The setup takes mere seconds, and no additional software needs to be installed.

Just because you're traveling shouldn't mean you have to leave your favorite movies and TV shows behind. With Getflix, take them on the road with you during your travels. Purchase Getflix Smart DNS and VPN for $39.97 (reg. $162) today. 

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