A man gave ChatGPT a body. The streets gave it a beating

In this humorous video, YouTube personality Blake Messick takes ChatGPT for a stroll–literally. Unfortunately, for the robot, it ended badly.

He rigged up an inflatable man to a remote-control toy vehicle, giving the AI a physical form. This wasn't as easy as slapping duct tape on a blow-up doll though. After a few topples, botched versions, and a busted $50 remote-control car, he finally got it right by putting the inflatable on a spiffy lime-green toy Jeep.

Once Blake had his ChatGPT son rolling, reactions from folks on the street were priceless. One guy didn't miss a beat, asking the blow-up ChatGPT for the winning lottery numbers and how to find "big-booty white girls."

All was going smoothly until the robot caught the attention of two men who appeared to be homeless. Soon, one of them began relentlessly pounding on the AI-creation, eventually picking it up and unceremoniously hurling it onto the sidewalk. Blake responded, "They killed my robot."

One commenter joked, "Homeless man single handedly saving the world from the AI robot takeover."