Masked Nazis bang on cafe windows and shout slurs to disrupt drag story hour

In what local media describe as a "demonstration", a group of masked Nazis banged on the windows of a cafe in Concord, New Hampshire, shouting profanities and bigoted slurs to interrupt a drag story hour within. Local cops are all trying to find the guys who did this.

In the video, which was posted to Twitter by drag queen Juicy Garland, a group of 15 or so men wearing face coverings perform a Nazi salute multiple times while chanting, and then begin pounding on the windows of the Teatotaller cafe where the monthly event was being held.

"We've got some verified Nazis today! Golly, I didn't order those," Juicy Garland captioned their tweet with a video of the incident.

The "protest" was unsuccessful and story hour went ahead, reports The Independent: "We've been hosting shows + story hours for a decade. We're going to host them for decades to come."