Debris was found in area where Titan sub went missing

Debris was found in the area where rescue teams are searching for the missing Titan sub carrying five people, said the U.S. Coast Guard this morning. It isn't clear what the debris is or if it is related to the lost submersible.

"A debris field was discovered within the search area by an ROV near the Titanic. Experts within the unified command are evaluating the information." (See announcement below, posted by USCGNortheast.)

The search and rescue mission will continue to look for the passenger sub throughout Thursday, and officials will give a live press briefing today at 3pm ET.

From CBS:

Coast Guard officials were expected to discuss the findings during a news conference Thursday afternoon.

The Coast Guard said Thursday morning one of the robots started searching for sub on the sea floor. Another robot was also added to the search effort Thursday.

The sub launched into the Atlantic from a Canadian research vessel Sunday morning, and the vessel lost contact with the Titan an hour and 45 minutes into the dive.

Officials previously said the sub had a limited amount of oxygen on board that could have lasted 96 hours, or into Thursday morning.