Rapper Earl Sweatshirt comes roaring back with his new song "Making the Band (Danity Kane)"

Rap music has undergone a fundamental shift in values over the last ten years. In previous eras, the quality and authenticity of an MC's lyrics were the primary benchmarks for one's success and relevance in the genre. However, in the post-Drake era- who has been outed for using ghostwriters, formerly a career-destroying taboo- rappers are more concerned with concocting catchy melodies and creating viral songs.

Although melodic rap designed to capture the attention of the mainstream has always had its place in hip-hop(MC Hammer, Vanilla Ice, Soulja Boy, etc.), lyricists, armed only with the complexity of their metaphors and syllable stacking, were still prized as the distinguishing factor that separated rap from other genres.

In contemporary hip-hop, it's largely considered uncool to care about complex lyrics. However, there are a few artists that were regarded as wordsmiths who were able to transition with the eras, such as Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole. Another artist that's in the same bracket is the ever-talented Earl Sweatshirt. The Odd Future standout has long bore the moniker of being the rapper's rapper, but with his new single Making the Band (Danity Kane), featured in the link above, Sweatshirt showcases his ability to ride the modern wave of hip-hop.