Trump says he was "too busy" to turn in classified docs, and new ad proves how true this is (video)

"Why did Donald Trump refuse to withhold highly sensitive classified documents?" a new ad by Republican Accountability asks. Well, the answer is quite simple. As the ad points out (see video below), the twice-indicted ex-president meant to pull out a few "personal things" before emptying out his bathroom, but explained that he was just too busy.

As in too busy DJing at Mar-a-Lago, too busy crashing weddings, too busy selling NFTs, too busy golfing, and golfing, and golfing…

And the ad doesn't even cover the half of it. What about market testing new nicknames for Ron DeSantis, memorizing the menu at McDonald's, hosting Kari Lake pajama parties, and playing more golf? "That's right! He was too busy to comply with the subpoena," and although you might not appreciate his packed schedule, MAGA undoubtedly will.