Brighten up your outdoor space with color-changing patio string lights, at a price you won't find on Amazon

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TL;DR: The best way to add extra oomph to your outdoor space is the Smart WiFi Outdoor Patio String Light, which offers over 16 million colors and is controlled by a phone app. While it usually retails for $79, it's now on sale for just $68.99 — a better price than you'll find on Amazon!

Every patio needs lights so that you can comfortably relax at night, but the lights can serve another purpose, too: They can make the outdoor space look better by adding to its general vibe. That's the case with these outdoor string lights, which can switch from over 16 million colors.

The Smart WiFi Outdoor Patio String Light typically retails for $79, but right now, you can get it for only $68.99. No coupons needed! It's a better price than you'll find on Amazon, too.

Here's what we love about these lights in particular. You can pick from over 16 million colors, meaning you can make the outdoor space look different every day. There's a light option for every kind of ambiance you want to create! You don't even need to get up to change the color. You can use the app or voice control with Alexa or Google Assistant to easily switch the color, amp up the brightness, or simply turn them on or off.

More things to love:

  • The string light is 48 feet long so that you can cover a wider area.
  • They're waterproof — no need to worry about the rain!
  • There are eight different scene modes, adding to the number of ways you can switch up the ambiance.
  • They're pretty to look at and can give evening cocktail hours or late-night kickbacks even more of a vibe.

And while string lights might seem intimidating to set up, these are actually incredibly user-friendly. There are 15 hanging loops on the back of the sockets, which makes it much simpler to get these lights on hooks and hang them around your space.

Make your outdoor space your dream spot by adding the Smart WiFi Outdoor Patio String Light, now on sale for just $68.99 (reg. $79).

Prices subject to change.