Effects pedal book not just for guitarists

Even non-players will enjoy this book of 100 of the coolest effects pedals. That's because it's really a collection 100 different interviews of your favorite guitar players talking about their favorite pedals.

Sure, pedal heads will geek out over the detailed histories of each fuzz tone, echo, wah or delay device, but there's a good chance your favorite guitar player gushes over how they got their signature sounds. Many genres: Jazzer Bill Frisell on the Line 6 Delay, Bluesman Rev Billy Gibbons on the Bixonic Expandora, Heavymetalist Dimebag Darrel on the Dunlop Cry baby wah, it just goes on and on.

I was amazed this well researched book included steel guitar innovator Buddy Emmons using three fOXX Tone Machines in parallel to create his triple pickup gizmo the "String Machine." That is some inside stuff!