The first trailer for Dumb Money captures the insanity of the Gamestop stock squeeze

Now that we're heading into summer, dads nationwide can finally bust out their favorite fact about the seasonal weather. "You know," they'll say with a wry grin, "it's not the heat that gets ya; it's the humidity." 

And while the maxim is tired and annoying, I think there's an applicable essence within it that extends to the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown. And whenever fathers of the future recount their experiences from the pandemic, they'll probably say something like, "It wasn't only the virus you had to worry about; it was the stupidity." 

So many satellite news stories were tangentially linked to Covid, but one of the strangest ones was the Gamestop short squeeze and the rise of the Wallstreet Bets subreddit. What happens when people who aren't allowed to leave home and are free to spend hours online get their hands on much-needed stimulus checks? In the video linked above, you can check out the first trailer for the upcoming movie Dumb Money, which takes us back to the insanity that was the Gamestop short squeeze.