Enjoy a bird's eye view in your photography and videography projects with the Epic Flight 4K HD drone

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TL;DR: Give your content a different point of view with the Epic Flight™ S89 4K HD Drone for $89.99 (reg. $249.99).

There's a certain allure that accompanies seeing things from above. Taking a bird's eye view offers a different vantage point reserved for winged animals, passengers, and pilots who have taken to the friendly skies.

Drones have helped make the view from above more accessible to the layperson. According to the Department of Transportation, more than one million people count themselves among many drone owners.

Videographers and photographers have turned to drones to take their shots and videos to the next level. The results have helped expand their portfolio, giving a new take on a tried-and-true skill. Fortunately, you can become a proud drone owner today and purchase the Epic Flight™ S89 4K HD Drone for only $89.99 (reg. $249.99).

This ultra-fast drone has a range of 330 feet, giving users some flexibility in their flight path. A stunning 4K camera captures high-quality video and photos. It features smart-hover functionality, allowing automatic hovering both indoors and outside. One-key automatic returns ensure it will always come back to you.

Users can control this high-performing, four-blade drone with an included remote. Those a bit more adventurous will find hours of fun staging air performances with 360-degree stunt rolls, which can be enabled with a simple click of the remote. The easy-to-control remote allows for complete control of the device. The accompanying app enables additional drone control with just the point of a finger.

The Epic Flight™ S89 is powered by a 1,800mAh battery that provides 15 minutes of flight time. A full charge of the battery takes just 45 minutes.

Users will also receive a storage bag, four additional blades and four blade protectors, two batteries, and a charging cable with their purchase.

With a drone, the sky is no longer the limit when it comes to photography and videography.

Purchase the Epic Flight™ S89 4K HD Drone now for just $89.99 (reg. $249.99) to give new life to your content.

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