Ayahuasca trip helped rescuers find child survivors of Amazon plane crash, say volunteers and the kids' father

Remember last month when a small plane crashed in the Amazon jungle, leaving the adults dead and four children—aged 11 months to 13-years-old—missing in the bush? Incredibly, the children were found alive more than a month later. Turns out that during the search, some of the search-and-rescue team members, including the kids' father, drank the psychedelic brew ayahuasca (aka yagé) to aid their efforts.

From Psychedelic Spotlight:

"I told them, 'There's nothing to do here. We will not find them with the naked eye. The last resource is to take yagé,'" said one of the volunteers from the children's village, Henry Guerrero. "The trip really takes place in very special moments. It is something very spiritual."

The children's father, Manuel Ranoque, also drank the concoction but didn't develop any visions that could help in finding his family. Despite this, he believes that ayahuasca helped finding his children.

On the 40th day, elder José Rubio decided to finish the ayahuasca brew. After a few hours of intense psychedelic visions,  he told the men: "We'll find the children today."[…]

"This is a spiritual world," Ranoque touted, and the yagé "is of the utmost respect. It is the maximum concentration that is made in our spiritual world as an indigenous people."

They drank the psychedelic concoction "so that the goblin, that cursed devil, would release my children", he said.

Shortly after, a rescue dog found the children near the crash site.

(via Daily Grail)