Photographer's relaxing videos showcase the art of nail polish mixing

I find these videos of photographer-turned-nail-polish-mixer Jaime Kameron creating nail polish colors so relaxing. He started out at Tammy Taylor Nails as a product photographer but slowly moved into the role of creating and mixing the colors. Now he does both jobs, and also creates videos of some of the colors he makes. Here's "berry rose," "coconut lime," a hot pink called "whimsical," "cashmere beige," a sparkly silver called "platinum," and a sparkling pink called "heart of glass."

In the videos, he demonstrates how to make the nail polish—he combines a base and various pigments, and then mixes it all together. He also teaches a little color theory, and usually throws in some short inspirational pep talks that, even though they veer toward corny, somehow aren't annoying, but are actually kind of sweet. 

I also find his voice really mellow, which just adds to the overall chill effect of watching these videos. I hope you enjoy them, too!