Crow found holding unidentified human's fingers in its beak

In Istanbul, Turkey, private security guard Hayrettin Doğan was making his rounds at a gas station when a crow landed at his feet. Doğan immediately noticed that the crow was holding two human fingers in its beak. The crow dropped the digits and flew off, leaving this creepy mystery behind. If more than one crow was involved, it could be deduced that this was indeed… a murder.

"Initially, we thought it was a joke, but as we approached, the gruesome reality became evident," another security guard said. "The blood-stained fingers were swollen and fresh, leaving us utterly shaken."

Doğan called the police who secured the area and conducted a comprehensive search for clues, to no avail.

From Daily Sabah:

The collected fingerprints and DNA samples have been sent to the Forensic Medicine department for analysis, intensifying suspicions of foul play. Seasoned detectives from the Homicide Bureau have joined the investigation, diligently scrutinizing the case. As part of their efforts, law enforcement is reviewing surveillance footage to find out the crow's flight path and determine its origin.

Authorities are also cross-referencing the discovered fingerprints with records of recently reported missing individuals, exploring potential connections.