Someone has already added the OceanGate sub to GTA V

It feels like the waters have just now begun to still around the OceanGate tragedy, which saw worldwide attention being drawn to the plight of five very wealthy men who were lost at sea (or more accurately, under it) in an ill-constructed submarine. Now, apparently, you too can get the same experience without the hefty price tag with this Titan mod for Grand Theft Auto V, once again proving that modders are the fastest-working people on the planet.

Much like the event it was based on, the mod has been a topic of much contentious discussion. Some accuse it of coming too soon after a tragedy that claimed the lives of several people, while others see it as a bit of harmless fun. I suspect that your feelings on the incident itself will largely influence how you feel about this mod – so what do you think? Will you be taking the Titan out for a spin yourself?