Enjoy a dish of "Godzilla Ramen" complete with a creepy reptilian claw emerging from the steaming bowl

We may have reached peak weird ramen. Spurred by the popularity of Frog Frog Frog Ramen and isopod ramen, Witchcat Ramen restaurant in Douliu City, Taiwan has introduced Godzilla Ramen. This delightful dish features a crocodile claw emerging from a steaming bowl of noodles.

Apparently, the chef was inspired by learning to cook crocodile soup in Thailand.

From Oddity Central:

The crocodile legs for the Godzilla Ramen are reportedly sourced from a crocodile farm in Taitung, but the farm can only supply enough ingredients for a couple of ramen bowls per day, so the dish has to be ordered in advance to ensure availability. A bowl of Godzilla Ramen is priced at NT$1,500 ($48). Apparently, the restaurant also has an NT$100 'food waste fee' for people who order the dish exclusively for photos, without actually eating the dish.