Red Cat Ramen is purrfect blend: felines, noodles, and a heartwarming tale

Red Cat Ramen is a manga about a ramen shop run by cats and it's delightful.

From MangaPlus:

Meet Tamako, who's found her way into an interview at a ramen shop run solely by cats. When the feline manager asks if she likes cats, Tamako admits that she's actually more of a dog person…only to be hired on the spot! But her job description isn't quite what she expects? Rather than serving ramen, she's now a dedicated cat caretaker…?!

Tamako ends up mostly doing dishes and brushing the cats who, despite making and serving ramen, find it hard to brush themselves. Or perhaps they just prefer being waited on by a human. The cats have all perfected a technique to reduce shedding to avoid getting cat hair in the ramen and walk on two legs to keep their paws clean. In the back, a tiger makes paw-pulled noodles. She is occasionally called out to the front to deal with an unruly customer, but she is shy and needs time to decompress after a confrontation. 

The cats occasionally get into fights, as shown in the panel above.

New issues come out weekly and are available for free, in English, on MangaPlus.  An anime version is also on the way, but there is no announcement as of yet about a US release.  

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