Ramen shop offers bowl of noodles with whole frog on top

Diners at Yuan Ramen (圓拉麵) in Yunlin, Taiwan can treat themselves to "Frog Frog Frog Ramen," a bowl of noodles with a large frog on top. Only available on Tuesday and Wednesdays, the special dish is US$8 but if you just want a photo of it, that'll set you back around US$3.25. In my opinion, it's not so different than being served a whole roasted fish, head and all. But I won't eat that either.

From Taiwan News:

Speaking to Taiwan News, the shop's owner said after the isopod ramen went viral in May, she thought she could make her own version, but with a local twist. She said eating frogs is common in Yunlin, and she wanted to bring that local flavor to the customers.

(via Oddity Central)