Soon, you'll be able to safely microwave your Cup Noodles

Listen up, lazy noodle fans. Cup Noodles is now going to be easier to make than ever before. In a recent press release Nissin Foods, the company that makes Cup Noodles, announced that in early 2024 the tasty snack will come in a microwavable paper cup instead of the non-microwave-friendly polysterene container it's been packaged in since 1973. PR Newswire states:

"Since its invention more than 50 years ago, Cup Noodles has become a cultural mainstay and a staple in households around the world," said Michael Price, President and CEO of Nissin Foods USA. "And while Cup Noodles will continue to have that same satisfying taste and iconic look, we continue to find ways to evolve the brand to support the current needs of our consumers, the environment and the world. This updated packaging and the new paper cup marks an important milestone for Cup Noodles and a key step in our environmental commitment."

Allrecipes further explains the change:

Finally, the days of pulling out the kettle are over. The whole meal can come together in even fewer steps (and in less time) All you have to do is add water and stick it in the microwave—after 2 minutes and 15 seconds, your hot cup of soup is served.

While my go-to packages of instant noodles are either these A-SHA Hello Kitty Mandarin Noodles with Supercute Soy Sauce or these Squiggly Noodles from Trader Joe's, I might just pick up a few Cup Noodles once the new packaging appears on stores shelves next year. Please keep your foodie judgement to yourself.