Watch this beaver crunching away on a willow sapling!

I'm in Canada for the rest of the week, and because big tech spies on us whereever we go, Twitter knows where I am and has changed my algorithm accordingly. So instead of showing me Southwestern US critters (coyotes and scorpions and coatimundi from where I usually live) or Southern US creatures (opossums and armadillos and nutria and alligators from where I grew up), my timeline is full of moose, geese, and beavers. I was delighted to stumble across the Twitter account "Mike's Photos and Videos of Beavers," which is a Canadian man named Mike who, yes, posts photos and videos of beavers. Mike explains:

My hobby is to follow beaver families in Saskatoon and take photos and videos of them to share with beaver fans. And once in a while some other critters too.

Just a few hours ago he posted his latest video, which is terrific. Watch and listen to this beaver crunch crunch crunching away on a willow sapling. It's so cute! Mike explains:

Turn up the volume and listen to this beaver chew! The beaver first shreds the willow sapling with its 4 outer incisors, which is quite loud. Then it is much quieter as it chews and grinds the food with its 16 inner molars. Beavers are very cool!

I think I'm gonna like my new Canadian feed!