Dolly Parton look-alike contest draws over 1,100 wigged impersonators to break world record

In the town of Listowel in County Kerry, Ireland, 1,137 participants dressed as Dolly Parton to set a unique, never-before-set Guinness World Record for the "largest gathering of people dressed as Dolly Parton." The event, which happened Saturday, was called "Dolly Day."

USA Today:

Instagram posts made on the official event account, @dollydayky, explained the rules and offered inspiration for aspiring Dolly look-a-likes, featuring pictures of recognizable looks worn by the music legend through the decades. Checkered flannels and plenty of denim were the stars of the look books, though photos from the event show off the true piece pièce de résistance – a sea of voluminous, curled, bleach blonde wigs.

The event not only brought together a sea of Parton look-alikes but also benefited the local community. The proceeds from the event were directed to the Kerry Hospice Foundation and Comfort for Chemo Kerry. Although there is no existing record to beat, and it might take eight to twelve weeks for Guinness World Record officials to review and certify the attempt, Dolly Day already appears to be a great success.