Mike Pence says affirmative action is not needed because his children had a good college experience

Former vice president and current presidential candidate Mike Pence told an MSNBC reporter that affirmative action is no longer needed. See the video below posted by Aaron Rupar.

As proof, he said, "There may have been a time 50 years ago when we needed to affirmatively take steps to correct long-term racial bias in institutions of higher education, but I can tell you, as the father of three college graduates, those days are long over."

You see, in Mike Pence's world, the college experiences of a small, non-representative sample of privileged white individuals can be used to form a universal metric to measure racial bias. Apparently, the barriers that low-income, first-generation, and racial minority students face are exactly the same as those that Pence's children had to endure.

You see, if everyone could just be more like Mike, Pence and his children, racial discrimination would decline as quickly as his chances of being elected president.