Inside a looted store in France — news channel live broadcasts encounter between police and alleged thief

People in France are protesting after police shot and killed a 17-year-old in a car in Nanterre, a suburb west of Paris. The shooting has led to escalating tensions, accusations of police brutality, and the implementation of stringent law enforcement responses. The officer who shot the boy is under investigation on charges of voluntary homicide and is currently detained.

This shooting has sparked outrage due to a historical context of tension between the police and the youth, especially from poorer suburbs. The protests have, in some cases, turned into riots and looting and have been going on for four nights.

One French television news program was inside a sporting goods store that had been looted and happened to catch a man carrying several bags under his arms, walking out of the store when a group of police met him at the entrance.

He stood there, looking at the police for a while, then slowly approached them, bags in hand. Once he reached the police, the officers relieved him of his possessions and handcuffed him.

On live TV, a man was caught by the police stealing in a shopping mall the morning after a night of rioting and looting in France
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