Maryland professor fired for making at least 11 female students undress and line up for a breast inspection

An unnamed college professor at Montgomery College in Maryland was fired for requiring at least 11 female students to undress to their bras during class under the pretense of a medical assessment. He also made comments about the students' nipples and breast positions and demanded that the students separate their breasts so he could make an accurate assessment, according to a press release issued by the U.S. Department of Education. A letter written to Montgomery College, by the Director of the Philadelphia, office of the Department of Education states that, "After removing their shirts, [redacted content] put on their lab jackets for modesty purposes, but the Professor demanded that they remove their jackets."

The Department of Education found that the college failed to notify all affected students about the conclusion of its investigation, which raised a concern about whether the college ensured the hostile environment no longer persisted for those students.

From The Washington Post:

As part of a resolution agreement, Montgomery College is now required to notify all students in the professor's class in writing. Additionally, the college must share the results of its 2022 Title IX climate survey with the agency's Office of Civil Rights and provide a narrative summary of the steps taken to address concerns raised by the survey.

The college does not have further comment on this matter, according to Rosano.

"The shameful underlying facts in this investigation — of a college professor subjecting his entire class to sexual harassment as a condition of instruction — are galling and categorically unacceptable under Title IX," said Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights Catherine E. Lhamon, who also thanked the college for its swift action in a statement.

I have no idea why they are granting this creeper anonymity, and also why he wasn't arrested and charged with criminal sexual assault. Instead, they gave him a paid leave for three months while they investigated the incidents.