The Donut guys absolutely trash a $1.2 million camper

I enjoy watching the guys at Donut screw cars up. Their High Car/Low Car series is fun, and I enjoyed seeing them build their truck campers. However, this road test of a very expensive overlander is hilarious, tho sadly must have broken the hearts of the guys who designed the truck.

The gigantic lumbering RV looks miserable to drive on paved surfaces and unpaved roads. The shocks seem insufficient to manage the behemoth's bulk, and rebound dampening is non-existent. Just watching those guys bounce down city streets was making me ill. The lack of stability this beast exhibits on a rutted steep incline is terrifying. Touch screen kitchen is cute tho!

I would also like to point out that a Vanagon Synchro would totally go there, no problem.

Featured Image: YouTube