Crappy AI-generated websites flourishing in search results

Trouble's brewing, what with all the unreadable AI dreck turning up in search results. Soulless and repetitious generated text is forcing out everything from the old machine-written junk (like those those gadget spec-comparison sites) to things that expensive humans write. MIT Technology Review reports that it's eating up ad revenues, too, because advertisers are clueless and the search engines are indifferent.

Over 140 major brands are paying for ads that end up on unreliable AI-written sites, likely without their knowledge. Ninety percent of the ads from major brands found on these AI-generated news sites were served by Google, though the company's own policies prohibit sites from placing Google-served ads on pages that include "spammy automatically generated content." The practice threatens to hasten the arrival of a glitchy, spammy internet that is overrun by AI-generated content, as well as wasting massive amounts of ad money.

Even those affiliate-link "best table saw for 2023"-style listicles, where it's obvious the writer hasn't used anything in the list, are better than 800 words rambling on a la "a table saw is a powerful woodworking tool driven by an electric motor commonly used for cutting wood and other materials. It consists of a circular saw blade mounted on an arbor, which is driven by an electric motor."

On the other hand! I asked ChatGPT to do this and it's pretty great:

Write a list of the top 5 portable nuclear reactors for 2021 in the style of an inane gadget site

Welcome to the world of nuclear-powered gadgets! Here's a list of the top 5 portable nuclear reactors for 2021 that are sure to blow your mind (figuratively, of course):

NukePod 3000: This sleek and compact portable reactor packs a punch! With its cutting-edge design and advanced safety features, the NukePod 3000 provides clean and efficient energy on the go. It's perfect for powering your camping trips, charging your devices, or even jump-starting your car. Don't forget to take your radiation suit!

Atomizer X-500: Need a power source for your off-grid adventures? Look no further than the Atomizer X-500. This little beast is small enough to fit in your backpack but mighty enough to keep your gadgets juiced up for days. Just imagine, nuclear-powered selfies and never-ending GPS navigation!

Reactor-on-Wheels: It's time to roll out with the Reactor-on-Wheels! This futuristic contraption combines mobility and nuclear power in a single package. With its built-in wheels, you can take it anywhere your heart desires. From powering remote research stations to transforming your backyard into a sci-fi movie set, the Reactor-on-Wheels has got you covered.

Pocket Fusion Core: Tired of running out of battery on your smartphone? Say hello to the Pocket Fusion Core! This palm-sized reactor harnesses the power of fusion to keep your devices running for months. Don't worry about radiation leaks; the Pocket Fusion Core comes with a stylish lead-lined case for your peace of mind.

Nano-Nuke Power Bank: Need a quick power boost for your devices? The Nano-Nuke Power Bank is here to save the day! This pocket-sized marvel uses nuclear fission to provide instant charging wherever you are. Just plug in your device, and watch it power up in seconds. It's like having a mini nuclear power plant in your pocket!

Disclaimer: While these products are purely fictional and created for entertainment purposes, portable nuclear reactors do not currently exist. Please enjoy this list with a sense of humor and remember to prioritize safety in all your power needs. Remember, safety first!

Good basilisk!