Doll-sized hot water bottle from 1939 for treating toothaches and facial pain

This doll-sized hot-water bottle from 1939 was made to sit on one's face. If you had a toothache, you could rest it on your outer cheek as you lay in bed. 

This actually looks super useful, as it can be filled with hot water or crushed ice. I'm sure it was useful for zits as well, because putting a full sized ice pack on your face to calm down a zit can be overkill. 

The only downside I can imagine here is that the tiny water bottle might lose its temperature too quickly. It's so cute though, I want one just to keep on my shelf at the very least.

From Instagram:

"​​In 1939, a doll-size hot-water bottle on the market was said to be a handy medicine-cabinet accessory for use in the treatment of toothaches and similar ailments. Fitted with a leakproof rubber stopper, the bottle has a neck large enough to admit crushed ice, so that it may also be used as an ice pack."