Watch a heron use bait to catch a fish

This heron carefully places a tiny piece of bread in the water, then grabs the fish that comes to eat it.

Basically, the very human activity of Fishing.

I remember as a kid being taught that only humans use tools, and it's what separates us from other animals. But Jane Goodall had shattered that notion when she witnessed chimpanzees preparing sticks and then poking them into termite holes in order to "fish" them out to eat.

Louis Leakey responded to her discovery, "Now we must redefine tool, redefine man, or accept chimpanzees as human."

But in truth, many animals use tools, including gorillas using sticks to measure the depth of water, dolphins using sponges for foraging, otters bringing stones out to the open water for breaking open shellfish, elephants chewing bark into a ball to cover a water hole that they can then return to for drinking, crows using sticks to gather insects, etc., etc.