Zuckerberg's Twitter alternative, Threads, to launch thursday as part of Instagram

If you're online in any capacity, you will have noticed that Elon Musk's stewardship of Twitter hasn't exactly gone well. Advertisers have pulled out, functionality is broken, and even his sycophantic legion of fans are starting to get a little mad at him. With that in mind, there was no better time for Mark Zuckerberg's Meta to officially unveil its Twitter competitor- Threads, not to be confused with the sublimely bleak 1984 movie.

Although it seems almost too perfectly planned, Threads has reportedly been in development for quite a while, and offers syncing with your Instagram to populate your profile and contacts. Beyond that, it seems extremely similar in almost every way (except that Tweets and reply chains have been rebranded as, you guessed it, 'threads'.)

At the moment, the website for Threads is just a logo and a countdown, with about two days remaining at time of writing. If we can't watch Elon and Zuck beat each other up in a cage match (thanks, Elon's mom), we may have to settle for the battle of the terribly managed apps instead.