In 1982, Double Decker Bus racing was a thing

If you were flipping through the tv channels in England during 1982, you may have landed on the fascinating sport of Double Decker Bus Racing. This "sport" involves double decker buses racing round and round on a sketchy looking circular track. It looks pretty absurd to see double decker buses in a race, but it's super entertaining. 

 The buses constantly look like they're about to topple over as they zoom around the curves. I can't imagine having the nerve to partake in something like this. I was expecting to see a collision in the video, but somehow there was no crashing or toppling of the double decker buses.

"Between 1958 and 2007, the BBC ran a sports program titled Grandstand. Rival channel ITV decided to get its own sports program, titled World of Sports from 1965 to 1985. Part of the programming involved racing sports that were uncommon with the British audience at the time, such as ice speedway – a form of motorcycle racing on frozen surfaces – and NASCAR stock car racing. In 1982, an interesting race was a part of the line-up. Double decker bus racing, as you can see here."