MAGA man wearing a desecrated flag shirt says he would never dis the flag (video)

A MAGA man sporting a festive shirt that desecrates the flag tells Good Liars' Davram Stiefler he is "extremely" against desecrating the flag. In fact, he continues, although people have the right to disrespect the flag, it's unfortunate.

"I would never do that," the gentleman says, seemingly oblivious to the smart design of own blouse, which displays a torn-up, zoomorphic American flag that is part cloth part eagle. "It's not my style, not at all." (See video below, posted by Davram.)

Although this gem was posted by the Good Liars in February, Stiefler dusted it off for a patriotic repost over the 4th of July weekend.

Front page thumbnail image: Davram Stiefler and gentleman / Good Liars